Christian Lhermitte's "Right Foot" C.A.P  1936?

    This reel apparently predates the "Oblique Foot" domed version commonly thought to be the first C.A.P reel, but there it is - C.A.P on the reel's right side. Christian has kindly provided me with these photos of his reel along with the following documentation and has granted permission to use them on this website.

            left side of reel           right side of reel

            internal           without spool

   The following information is reproduced with the author's permission from Le Grand Livre des Moulinet Français", Bernard Caminade's book on the history of virtually all French spinning reels. A link to Mr. Caminade's books may also be found on the links page.

book page 39        Once I find someone to translate this into English I will print the translated version here. It may take a while, however.

illustration 1 illustration 2