REEL #6  1949

    Version 4. I believe this reel is the first successor to the model with the flattened dome on the left side and the sliding button anti-reverse. It is still a half bail with pillared spool, aluminum winder knob and non-planamatic gearing, but the dome is gone, the anti-reverse is now a 304 style lever, the leg is straight on the right side, the external counterweight is gone, and there is a lubrication port at the rear. There is still no writing on the left side but "Made in France" has been added to the C.A.P. on the right side. It was spooled with a lightweight black braided line when I acquired it but I am fairly certain it has never been fished as, except for some rust on the bail mechanism and a small paint loss where it has apparently been mounted on a rod (unless I did this myself in displaying the reel - I hope not), it is indistinguishable, to me at least, from brand new.  It does say "Serrage" and C.A.P. on the spool but in the photo below the lighting has washed it out. I was concerned by the fact that the finish is flat black rather than glossy until I came across a 1949 advertisement on "The Mitchell Spinning Reel" website which states "Dull Black Finish (Less Light Reflection)."

             Left side of reel          Right side of reel

             Front of reel          Without spool