REEL #12  1956

    The "Super Cap." "Mitchell 314" on left side, wide anti-reverse lever, push button spool.
    In his book "Mitchell Collectors' Value Guide" Dennis Roberts dates this reel as 1961 and for the most part I have used his dates on this website, but if his date were correct in this case then it would mean that Mitchell abandoned planamatic gearing in 1956 with the "Mitchell 304" and then returned to it with this reel five years later, and I don't believe this to be the case. Also, please see Reel #14 in this regard.

left side of reel          right side of reel

front of reel          without spool

    A mint in the box "Super Cap" for each hand. The 314 has a manual pickup although it does not say so on the box. The 315 has a yellow Garcia sticker. Both have an extra spool. Both have the original paper work, undated of course.

two reels