Mitchell Collectors' International     Particularly useful for the Glossary and Links sections. The source of the C.A.P historical information on this website.

The Mitchell Spinning Reel     Wallace Carney, Mike Read and Doug DeSimone's new site. They are adding to it constantly but of most interest now to round body collectors is the gallery of advertisements for C.A.P, 304, and 314 reels.

Mitchell, Ma Passion, Ma Collection    Christian Lhermitte's website. If your browser doesn't translate and if, like me, you don't speak French, then check out "Bati Rond" and "Les C.A,p a Bati Rond" for many round body photos. His "Version #1" turns mine into a "Version #2" - by a lot!!

Take's Reel Room    I have linked directly to a page of photos of a disassembled 304 complete with commentary. The "MITCHELL spinning reels" link at the bottom of the page will take you to some really interesting non-304 places however, particularly Take's "dream" of designing, building and marketing a new "old" Mitchell 300.

Le Grand Livre des Moulinet Français"   Bernard Caminade's book on the history of virtually all French spinning reels back to their very beginnings. His book "Identification et Cote des Moulinets Français" may also be found here.